Around The Lake

Client: Patron PLC

How can we help people with their endless struggle for the perfect work / life balance?

Working with the management team at Arlington business park we helped completely change the focus of their work. We shifted the context of the business park, leveraging the surroundings as the biggest sales tool.

Around The Lake

Using a graphic device referenced from orienteering we created a simple, flexible brand system. The idea for the device came from our key insight, that being peoples desire for exploration of the grounds. Our brand device lends itself to walking trails around the lake (achievable in a dinner hour) and events such as treasure hunts or secret garden parties.

Success factors

Once live the website link was distributed to industry piers and colleagues within the property sector. The site received praise across the board for the approach which in-turn led to a series of enquires from companies looking to relocate “around the lake.”

The real success here was in the tenant engagement programme. Staff booking classes and organising events through the website.

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