Emotions are tricky creatures

Working with North West charity Early Break we created a mobile first website aimed at young people struggling to understand their emotional states. We characterised the main emotional states and made learning about them intuitive with games and activities to help develop, or cope, with each emotional state.


Working with young people

We worked alongside social workers, psychologists, teachers and nurses to develop the characters and a series of safe activities to go alongside them. 30 young people of all ages filled in comment forms from our original character sketches helping us develop the final set.

Understanding emotions

The main aim of the site is to instil in young people that emotions are natural and not to fight against them. We created a series of word associations to help identify more clearly what emotion they are feeling. People of ages struggle to articulate their emotional state as specifically sad, angry or jealous etc they may feel more “annoyed” or “minging” – the word association helps link a path from those terms to an emotional state.

The activities also include 2 custom mobile games developed to help young people be creative and focus their minds whilst creating a piece of artwork then can save to their devices.


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